Hi from Inez!


Hi there!

My name is Inez. I’ve been with Last Chance since about 2014 when I offered to help put some collection tins out locally to me.

My husband and I had seen a gorgeous dog, supposedly a retriever, in sept 2013 in the Kill Station. She had 48 more hours until being pts and we just couldn’t leave her.

She had been surrendered by an owner, one of a mating pair and he just wasn’t bothered about them any more. The male had been adopted.

Spirit (top right) came home with us and is the most sweetest good girl, known as Middle child as we hardly know she’s there!

We now have 6 – and I’m proud to call them my 6 pack, the nearest I’ll get to having abs Hahahaa

My main role is with Social Media posting and sharing and updating the posts as well as fundraising.

But oh boy do I have some takes to tell you!

So, keep watching for the ongoing tales of The Life and Times of an Animal Rescuer in Spain!!

Laters taters x

New blog for LCAR

Hi, my name’s Richard and I help out Last Chance Animal Rescue with all things IT-related. You might hear from me again here if there is news relating to websites or facebook pages. For now I’m just here to tell you that LCAR has a new blog (which you know because you’e reading it!). And I’m hoping that various people who work with Last Chance will shortly be along to share short stories and tell tall tales about their experiences in dog rescue.