The Final Final Act

Today I was asked by a friend whose dog had passed away, what happens next. Her dog is at the vets and they called to explain about a couple of options.

And this is the time when your head is all over the place, where you cant think straight, where the raw emotions just pour out of you.

And so she called me.

And it bought flooding back all the memories of that time with Faith last year. Its not easy holding yourself together and making decisions.

So I thought this would be perhaps info for a blog, to help anyone else going through this or about to over here in Spain at least.

Its law to cremate your dog. Google to find your local crematorium.

If your dog is at the vet, you can choose to take the dog yourself to the crematorium, or for them to send him/her.

From there you can choose a multi dog cremation without ash collection – the cheapest option. Your dog will be cremated with others and usually (although not always) the ashes are scattered in a remembrance garden at the facility

You can choose multi dog cremation with ashes, where you will get some of the ashes returned to you in an urn or box.

You can choose a single cremation, just your dog and either have or not have the ashes. You can choose your urn too.

Something also to remember is to check the vet has removed the dog from RAIA the micro chip company, I had quite a shock when I got an automated text saying Faith was due her rabies, an oversight from the vet.

Its something that will come to all of us with pets, and if this is you right now, my heart goes out to you.

Remember the life they had, the fun you had and the comfort they gave you. They would not want you to be sad, but to remember them with smiles through the tears.

It will take time to come to terms with the loss, you never forget, you learn to live with it.

Big hugs


How many IS too Many?????

I never set out to be in rescue! Or to have a humungous pack of dogs. My husband and I often remark how its more us living alongside them, than them living with us!

We are there to clean cook, feed water and generally entertain them. And they give us??? What!!??

Poo. They give us poo. And bills. And worries. And a lack of freedom. BUT

We would not trade it for anything. After we took on our first boy, a Goldie his previous owner couldn’t handle and decided she had no time for, we took pleasure in having him. We owned him, he more or less did as he was told, sort of but was very well behaved. My husband trained him to perform some tricks, and not to pull on the lead – although Charlie (the dog) did manage to pull Pat (the husband) off a chair at a bar one time, that was funny mainly as it wasn’t my backside strewn on the ground hehehe.

And then after 6 years we were in the right place right timing for No 2 – all dogs are now numbered, we given up with names!! And they own us!!

She was a badly abused ex puppy farm breeding Goldie, in the most awful condition you can possible imagine, and only given 6 months to live!

Through tears we took her vowing to love her for the time she had left. She’s not left yet!

Then came 3 and 4, then 5 as a 5 months old Pup. 4 Didn’t get on with 2 and so we found the perfect home for her (she was meant to be a 5 week foster, stayed for 14 months)

Then 6 and 7 and then 8…. see you just sorta collect them!

8 passed away unexpectedly after 9 months – we had no idea she had digestive issues we found her in the campo and vet had given her a clean bill of health!

The pain of losing her was immense, and she definitely sent us another – No9! – the first picture, Indi, who appeared outside Jacqui Ross’s home one day. Our heads said no, our hearts said yes.

And then nearly 3 month ago a young pup was abandoned, desperately needing shelter. I told my husband it was only for 2 days…………nearly 6 weeks later a very strong and confident young pup was rehomed to her perfect home – yet another that got away!

And the place feels emptier for her going. My husband has threatened divorce if another one comes, so as long has he behaves Ill say no 😉

So how many is too many?? When Do you stop?? When there are souls left lying in ditches, puppies in bags, in boxes by the bins, adults left by owners moving on, what do you do?

How do you say no?? When is the right time TO say no?????

And I guess that’s why we ARE called LAST CHANCE, because we ARE THE last Chance for these guys.

We cannot bring ourselves to say no. All the admin wont sleep if we say no. But it does come at a cost.

We can handle the tears, the pain of losing them when they’re too sick to keep going. We can handle the mess and the stress.

But we cant handle the bills. They mount up faster than ever thought. We are continuously fundraising and trying to find ways to raise money. We all use our own monies to help where we can – we are money rich but heart filled – but there sadly comes a time when we know we cannot do more.

Without your help we cannot. Please help where you can. Share a post, donate a euro a month, offer to help put some collection tins out in your area and send us the money as it comes in, attend a fundraiser, host a fundraiser, sign up for our various schemes, some cost you absolutely nothing and the retailers send us a little per purchase, tell your friends about our work, offer to foster, short term, longer term, adopt.

So many ways to help

Help us to help them, Last Chance is a community of carers. Please be one.

Inez Robinson


Towards the End of 2017

And so another year draws to a close. Many of you are racing around getting ready for family to arrive, putting up decorations and trees, and hopefully not getting too stressed.

Here at Last Chance, things slow for us too. Its not the time of the year for people to take on a new dog, what with all the fuss and kerfuffle of the festivities. And yet, this means an overflow of unwanted and abandoned dogs being placed into the pounds, shelters, killing stations or on the streets. When too many dogs are found, many have to be put to sleep to make way.

Its so sad. And not a very festive message. BUT

Maybe you can help, just a little. If you are thinking of getting a dog or puppy, PLEASE go to your local shelter OR look on facebook, there are literally hundreds of gorgeous fluffy bundles you can choose from, who will love you even more as they do know when they’ve been saved. They pick you. You will see in the their eyes.

Encourage your friends and family thinking of getting a dog to also look. If someone prefers a particular breed, again there are hundreds of pure breeds needing homes. They may not have paperwork BUT many rescues are breed specific and are experts in rescuing that breed. And unless you’re going to be a breeder or show the dog, why does it need to be a specific breed?

Cross breeds can suit you much better. The latest popular dog is the Belgian Malinois, due to the film Max. But they’re high energy very intelligent dogs needing quite specific handling, and if they don’t get it, they will find their own jobs to do, jobs you may not approve of, like ripping up your bed and bedding, or decking, or demolishing a wall to give you a more open plan living space 🙂

But mix a Mali with say a gsd and wow! Different dog.

Anyway, either way if we all adopted then maybe this would stem the flow of back yard breeders who don’t care about their animals, looking only at the money. It will save you from paying out a lot of money for a sick dog too!

So, I leave you on that note and thank you for reading


And Still They Come!!

Meet Flappie!

A lovely 6 month old pup, found by holidaymakers near Malaga. No chip, friendly and seemingly housetrained loves cuddles.

And yet thrown out, abandoned and left. Thankfully found otherwise he may be lying in a ditch somewhere, broken and waiting to die.

Or taken by unscrupulous people and used as dog bait for fighting dogs

It really is sad. But hopefully we will find a home for Flappie, this is what we do.

If anyone would like to sponsor Flappie please contact us

Conan – The Shepherd!

Such a gentle loving boy. We had no idea where he came from, but over the weeks he started to get more and more sad, down and withdrawn.

A larger female had been put in with him, and was bullying him, we suspect also eating his food. We were at our wits end!

Then a lovely lady with a UK rescue, asked us about him. She paid his release all his preparations and transport, but we needed somewhere to place him.

Posting on social media a lovely lady came forward and offered. It was one of the best days when I went to get him out. He was very shut down – this can be a dangerous time and if you make a wrong move its likely the dog will snap out of fear. I gave Conan his space and was very gentle, yet let him see he had control.

Driving him to his new foster he was so scared as to what was going to happen, but also brave. He arrived and his foster immediately fell in love.

He was quiet but very hungry, only skin and bone under that long fur. The next morning he went to his foster and showered her with kisses! How wonderful.

Currently he is sleeping on her bed hahaha – we do hope his forever family is going to be as soft with him.

Shortly he will be on the transport to his new life, never to be bullied or scared again.

Conan we do love you – you were very nearly our No 8!! Good job my husband didn’t see you!!!!!

Exercise should be fun!!


Yes I know, not a title I would want to read more from hahahah, I’m allergic to exercise – I get all hot and sweaty just passing the gym!

Hence one of the reasons for having so many dogs. Means I have to get my ass off that sofa and take them out. And you know what? I feel leads better for it 🙂

But I would be bored doing the same route and routine, I’m not a routine type of gal!

So I mix and match. One day ball throwing on the field. Another time road work and some training. In fact we are always reinforcing good behaviour with praise and treats, I have a treat bag out with me all the time and it’s really good to tell them how good they are.

It’s payment for their good behaviour 🙂

Anyway, today we went to the bank to get some cash out, and I took Max and Marshall with me to ensure no one nicked my money!

On the way back the basketball court was empty, and it’s enclosed so early good for using and getting the dogs to do some training with distractions walking past, like kids and other dogs.

We had some fun here. Hope you enjoy as much as we did. X