The Final Final Act

Today I was asked by a friend whose dog had passed away, what happens next. Her dog is at the vets and they called to explain about a couple of options.

And this is the time when your head is all over the place, where you cant think straight, where the raw emotions just pour out of you.

And so she called me.

And it bought flooding back all the memories of that time with Faith last year. Its not easy holding yourself together and making decisions.

So I thought this would be perhaps info for a blog, to help anyone else going through this or about to over here in Spain at least.

Its law to cremate your dog. Google to find your local crematorium.

If your dog is at the vet, you can choose to take the dog yourself to the crematorium, or for them to send him/her.

From there you can choose a multi dog cremation without ash collection – the cheapest option. Your dog will be cremated with others and usually (although not always) the ashes are scattered in a remembrance garden at the facility

You can choose multi dog cremation with ashes, where you will get some of the ashes returned to you in an urn or box.

You can choose a single cremation, just your dog and either have or not have the ashes. You can choose your urn too.

Something also to remember is to check the vet has removed the dog from RAIA the micro chip company, I had quite a shock when I got an automated text saying Faith was due her rabies, an oversight from the vet.

Its something that will come to all of us with pets, and if this is you right now, my heart goes out to you.

Remember the life they had, the fun you had and the comfort they gave you. They would not want you to be sad, but to remember them with smiles through the tears.

It will take time to come to terms with the loss, you never forget, you learn to live with it.

Big hugs


One thought on “The Final Final Act

  1. We had Riley and Buster cremated separately with their ashes returned to us. They both have their place in our home where they always belong.
    I find huge comfort in having them close by.
    But I know it’s not for everyone.
    Such a difficult time to make decisions πŸ’”πŸΎπŸ’”

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