Towards the End of 2017

And so another year draws to a close. Many of you are racing around getting ready for family to arrive, putting up decorations and trees, and hopefully not getting too stressed.

Here at Last Chance, things slow for us too. Its not the time of the year for people to take on a new dog, what with all the fuss and kerfuffle of the festivities. And yet, this means an overflow of unwanted and abandoned dogs being placed into the pounds, shelters, killing stations or on the streets. When too many dogs are found, many have to be put to sleep to make way.

Its so sad. And not a very festive message. BUT

Maybe you can help, just a little. If you are thinking of getting a dog or puppy, PLEASE go to your local shelter OR look on facebook, there are literally hundreds of gorgeous fluffy bundles you can choose from, who will love you even more as they do know when they’ve been saved. They pick you. You will see in the their eyes.

Encourage your friends and family thinking of getting a dog to also look. If someone prefers a particular breed, again there are hundreds of pure breeds needing homes. They may not have paperwork BUT many rescues are breed specific and are experts in rescuing that breed. And unless you’re going to be a breeder or show the dog, why does it need to be a specific breed?

Cross breeds can suit you much better. The latest popular dog is the Belgian Malinois, due to the film Max. But they’re high energy very intelligent dogs needing quite specific handling, and if they don’t get it, they will find their own jobs to do, jobs you may not approve of, like ripping up your bed and bedding, or decking, or demolishing a wall to give you a more open plan living space 🙂

But mix a Mali with say a gsd and wow! Different dog.

Anyway, either way if we all adopted then maybe this would stem the flow of back yard breeders who don’t care about their animals, looking only at the money. It will save you from paying out a lot of money for a sick dog too!

So, I leave you on that note and thank you for reading