Ha! Bet that made you look!

Teaming is a great way to raise funds of our charity. All you do is sign up and it’s £1 a month!

You can share the teaming link for others to join too!

We are always in debt – treating the doggies from the pound or strays off the street as well as maybe paying for a private residence for them while we find them a suitable home always costs.

LCAR is becoming a victim of its own success – now so well known for saving so many lives, that we just cannot do much more without reducing our costs.

So, you could really help by getting on board with this.

It’s so easy! And safe!!!

Click HERE and sign up. And that’s it! If you want to share that you have done it may encourage others to do so, and let’s face it, £1 a month is hardly noticeable to most people, but a collection of these can make the difference to these poor lost souls.

Remember – Register HERE then just share to your friends.

Thank you X


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